Residential Electric Water Heater - U. S. Craftmaster. If after lhting your hot water heater pilot lht it goes out again or if it won't stay lit, you may need to check your Ok got your water heater pilot lit? This is usually caused by rust falling off of the bottom of the tank and clogging the burner and/or the orifice. Residential Electric Water Heater Installa. Keep this manual near the water heater. DANGER Read and follow all safety messages and instruc.

U. S. Craftmaster Water Heaters Gas will build up in the burner chamber before it reaches the pilot . Attic fans have been known to pull air across the burner chamber and put out a pilot lht. U. S. Craftmaster ® Electric Water Heaters offer excellent energy savings while delivering maximum hot water. View our Electric Product Line.

US CRAFTMASTER ES2J65HD045V Manuals & Older style heaters will have an access panel at the bottom of the tank. Newer style water heaters have a sealed burner compartment and the pilot is lit with a push button spark generator. If you smell gas your gas supplier rht away. Your gas valve/thermostat may look different from the one in the picture but they all work the same. The on/off control knob itself is pressed down when it is set on pilot. You can examine US CRAFTMASTER ES2J65HD045V User Manuals and User Guides in PDF. View online or download 1 Manuals for US CRAFTMASTER. Water Heater

ES2H50HD045V US CRAFTMASTER WATER If you have a new style water heatergo to hot water heater pilot lhtfor lhting instructions. The smaller silver tube coming out of the bottom of the gas control valve is the pilot supply tube. Download Manual for Model ES2H50HD045V US CRAFTMASTER WATER HEATER. Sears PartsDirect has parts, manuals & part diagrams for all types of repair

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