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How to Check Manual Transmission Fluid YourMechanic While some people have reported some success with the latest type of NGK Platinum plugs, the best advice is to stick to the recommended NGK plugs only. Checking the transmission fluid in a manual transmission car is slhtly different than for those with automatic transmissions. Manual.

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How to check manual transmission fluid? - ELF Bosch Platinum plugs have been tried by a number of people, but don't seem to work well for long before they give problems. Manual transmissions use a variety of oils regular motor oil, heavyweht hypoid gear oil or even automatic transmission fluid in some cases. Your owner's.

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Pentosin - Transmission Fluid 1992-on UK/Europe service schedule (Pre-'92 coming soon, differences are listed in the '92-on schedule) Intervals in: miles or kilometers Haynes manual service schedule (4-cylinder only) Intervals in: miles or kilometers Service specifications (fluids, capacities, spark plugs, etc.) This page lists specifications useful when performing services. Pentosin offers a synthetic hh performance Transmission Fluid program for use in today's automatic, manual, and even the new double clutch transmissions. Bentley; Jaguar; Land Rover; Porsche; Rolls Royce; Saab; Volkswagen; Volvo.

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Synchromesh Manual Transmission Fluid United States - It includes recommended fluid types and capacities, along with spark plug types. Pennzoil® Synchromesh Fluid is desned to offer optimal protection for moderately loaded gears in manual transmissions. Containing a hh detergent additive.

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View the cal Fluid Guide - Pentosin This information is compiled from the following sources: B202: 1985cc, no balance shafts (used on 2.0l models up to model year 1993) B234: 2290cc, two balance shafts (used on all 2.3l models) B204: 1985cc, two balance shafts (used on 2.0l models from model year 1994 onwards) B308: 2962cc V6 (used on all 3.0l V6 models) Saab Power Steering Fluid 1890, Texaco Power Steering Fluid 4634 (only available from Texaco in 25 litre containers), GM power steering fluid (Texaco TL 4634) Haynes recommends "Saab or GM power steering fluid". Porsche, Rolls Royce, Saab, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo. □ BMW manual transmission 1990-9/1997 all models. Double Clutch Transmission Fluid —.

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